No need to buy fake 1:200 tongkat ali - the genuine product is same price

Sumatra Pasak Bumi is a producer and wholesale company. We do some retail, but it's a very small percentage of our business.

Resellers typically buy in the range of 10,000 USD at a time. Wholesale prices are calculated at around 25 percent. But each time a wholesale client doubles his purchase quantity, he gets a further discount of around 10 percent on the previous price. We call this: double quantity, price times 1.8.

Furthermore, when official prices are increased, established resellers are partially shielded from being affected.

Some resellers place orders of almost 100,000 US dollars a time. Such wholesale buyers are like a hedge font for us. We can plan our factories and supply chains for months ahead. The thousands of bottles of such orders are not shipped at once but over the course of a few months.

Such resellers can distribute genuine Sumatra Pasak Bumi Indonesian 1:200 extract at a price of around 60 US dollars and still generate a comfortable profit.

You can write to us. We will tell you who placed orders in the past few months. Those interested can contact resellers and purchase from them, with or without prior negotiating.

Actually, the three worst distributors of fake tongkat ali previously sold our genuine product. Then they switched to Chinese powders, which cost maybe a third of our genuine 1:200 extract.

They did not tell their customers, and did not change their prices. A larger profit margin for them, and cheated customers.

Obviously, something similar could happen in the future. To protect buyers who want to use, or continue to use, our genuine 1:200 extract, we now offer free samples to anybody who has purchased any 1:200 extract from anywhere, except from us directly.

Whether you purchased from a reseller of ours or from somebody else claiming 1:200 extract, just write to us and we will send you a sample of the genuine material so that you can compare. This sample is totally free. We even pay the postage.

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No need to buy fake 1:200 tongkat ali - the genuine product is same price

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