Aspects of sexual market value

By Serge Kreutz

Some sexual market value preferences are similar across cultures, and have persisted through history. It can be assumed that they are partially encoded in genes.

This doesn’t mean that genes determine sexual choice. Genes only provide a skeleton, and culture, economics, and even accidental events modify preferences.

Many of the qualities of a high sexual market value are physical. A charming personality is another quality.

And then, there are youth and sexual freshness, and this is were political correctness certainly ends. To many men, women around the onset of their reproductive age appear sexually more desirable. In practically every culture, females with little prior sexual experience have a higher sexual market value than those with a lot of experience, and it is not unheard of, to say the least, that men of all ages seek virgins. Virginity beats youth, which is why teenage prostitutes typically rank much lower than what could be the case, given their age.

Not only men seek youth. Older women with a preference for boys are less visible only because this is heavily stigmatized in many traditional cultures. And in more modern cultures, it is not thematized because it’s not politically incorrect.

Sexual preferences certainly are partially encoded in genes, and there is a good degree of conformity across the human species. It costs men a lot of effort to unlearn, for the sake of political correctness, their preferences for young, sexually fresh sexual partners.

Alternatively, men may find it easier to lie. They keep their real sexual preferences for themselves, and publicly pretend that their preferences are in line with what is politically correct.

Sexual market value, and each person’s quality rating as potential sex partner doesn’t only relate to attractiveness, youth, and sexual freshness. For males, more so than for females, other aspects come into play, such as appearing protective, or being capable to lead.

Many women historically had preferences for men of power and wealth, even if these men weren’t the physique a female would fantasize about in erotic dreams.

Aspects of ethnicity, cast, religious affiliation played and play a role in partner allocation. Many of these aspects are irrational and repressive, and they don’t match modes of production that include easy access to knowledge.

Economic imbalances are rational factors that affect sexual market value.

But who ends up with whom in sexual relationships does not only depend on sexual market value. It depends on what people do out of their sexual market value. Or, in simple English. It depends on smartness.


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Aspects of sexual market value

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