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Certificates of Analysis, and their limited usefulness

The images below show the certificate of analysis that our supplier, Sumatra Pasak Bumi, had to have prepared for the registration of tongkat ali extracts with the Indonesian government.

The certificate was prepared by the most advanced lab in Indonesia, and it shows, on page 2, that the examined sample contained no opiates, no cannabis, no common tranquilizer, and none of the prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction. There also was no bacterial or fungal contamination (page 1).

So what does this mean? Not much, actually. Because this certificate is specific to one sample. Any ill-intending trader could submit a clean sample for testing, but sell a products that has it all: opiates, cannabis, benzos, sildenafil at al, and for some good measure even cocaine or worse.

The trustworthyness of a source for herbals cannot be established by such certificates, and apart from that, 90 percent of our competitors just doctor theirs, and some don't even bother to name a lab at all.

The herbals in question are good, even excellent, as long as you do not get your supply from traders who sell fakes, with or without doctored certificates.

Your best bet, at any rate, is to trace a product to its origin, with photographic proof.

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