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Bulk is Trump

From a perspective of optimal nutrition, most food is obsolete. But supplements are a necessity.

Look at fish, for example. Theoretically, fish is healthy. But in reality, fish are often living filters for all kinds of pollution washed into bodies of water.

And only those kinds of plants are healthy that are not phytoestrogens.

Because androgens (substances that elevate testosterone tone) are what gives sexual meaning to our lives.

Tongkat ali is the world's foremost herbal androgenic stimulant. And for a good life, tongkat ali is a necessity.

For an extra good life, add butea superba.

And if you want your life excellent, through in some kaempferia parviflora (krachai dam).

The quantities should be generous, not the miniscule amounts available in capsules.

OK, that's our opinion. Don't overdose. Raise dosages slowly. And see what has the best effect.

Yes, we admit: tongkat ali tastes absolutely shitty. But then, you don't take it for the taste anyway.

And the taste of butea superba is acceptable, and that of krachai dam is actually quite pleasant.

We are convinced that in order to reach optimal effective dosages, the three supplements mentioned above should be consumed as extracts in bulk. And we sell them in bulk only.

We ourself do not consume the above-mentioned supplements in capsules, and that is what we recommend to potential buyers.

For a modern sexual lifestyle, tongkat ali, butea superba and kaempferia parviflora are a necessity. The gelatine of capsules is not.

And it's not just that we find the packaging in capsules too limiting. There are other good reasons. Capsules are neither vegetarian nor vegan. They are processed animals. And veggie caps are not just a form of healthy greens. They are a chemical composition that uses plant-derived ingredients. We better don't look too closely how they are manufactured.

We are in favor of "natural", and it's not for some odd romanticism but for sound health concerns.

And bulk is natural. Mix your tongkat ali into orange juice, or just gulp it down with water.

As for the butea superba and krachai dam, they can even be used in cooking. With curries, butea superba is fully masked, and krachai dam can give curries an exotic, gingery note.

The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach, they claim. Maybe the saying was coined by some smart women who presented their men with krachai dam and butea superba laced meals, and that way got them to bed for some exciting exercise.


The herbals we sell have all been produced by Sumatra Pasak Bumi (tongkatali.org)), the world's foremost sexual enhancement company.

Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract powder in pouches

Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract powder, 75 grams – $96

Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract powder, 150 grams – $176

Butea superba 1:120 extract powder in pouches

Extract 1:120, 75 grams – $96

Extract 1:120, 150 grams – $176

Extract 1:120, 300 grams – $318

Extract 1:120, 600 grams – $573

Kaempferia parviflora 1:30 extract powder in pouches

Extract 1:30, 75 grams – $47

Extract 1:30, 150 grams – $86

Extract 1:30, 300 grams – $157

Extract 1:30, 600 grams – $286

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