Protecting the interests of women

By Serge Kreutz

An important biological interest of human female is to bind a quality male in a sexual relationship. Or, if a human female already is in a sexual relationship with a male who isn’t much quality, to at least make sure that that male doesn’t escape with another female.

This concern is shared by the great majority of females, and it is the basis for female solidarity. Protecting common interests.

Women should found trade unions.

Conventional trade unions are formed by workers who band together to protect their economic interests as wage earners.

Trade unions operate on two fronts. First, against their employers who may consider cheaper options (either cheaper labor or cheaper technologies). Second, against those who may provide such cheaper labor or technologies.

Female trade unions, for example of married women, would also operate on two fronts. First, against males who may seek more exciting sex. And second, against the providers of such more exciting sex.

All of this has nothing to do with morals or lofty ideals, nor with theoretical human rights, or Mill‘s and Marx‘s (or was that Miles & More) philosophies.

Interests shape ideas and ideologies, for wage workers and women.

No immigrant workers, no immigrant wives. You can bet that solidarity groups of Western workers are against the exploitation of other workers by Western companies in Bangladesh, and that solidarity groups of Western women are against the exploitation of other women by Western men in Cambodia (you ain’t gonna get it somewhere else”).

Even child protection laws are born of the same heritage.

The rationale is clear: ban oranges, bananas, melons, and pears. You sure will sell your apples.


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Protecting the interests of women


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